Portable TV: Episode 8 [22:53]

In episode 8 we have:
  • a report about our ski trips
  • a balloon powered zipline
  • 52 pick-up! 7 classes from around the world participated in our card challenge
  • Can You Do This: “Don’t Turn Your Head”
  • student animations
  • Word Up: “anthropomorphic”
  • a shout out to Mr. Walker’s class at Russley School in New Zealand
  • Teacher vs. Student challenge: Mohmad vs. Mr. Dunford

Portable TV: Episode SIX [17:08]

In this, the first episode of Portable TV of the season, we have:
  • a report about the Global Children’s Challenge
  • tower building
  • a shout out to Mrs. Swift’s class in Elmvale, Ontario, Canada
  • our attempt at an obstacle course designed by students in New Zealand
  • our first Teacher vs. Student challenge of the year: D’Lontae vs Mrs. Akeson
  • Top 10 things about Berrigan Elementary School
  • Riddle Me This with Wajid and Kahir
  • Brain Bust with Julie and Gisele

Portable TV: Episode FIVE [14:47]

In the fifth episode of Portable TV we have:
  • students picking up hooks with their heads
  • New Zealand and Canada respond to our second “We Challenge You!” Challenge
  • a report about the 2012 summer Olympics
  • Jack Magic
  • Leo Brooks teaches us how to play our drums
  • Skyping Origami Yoda author Tom Angleberger
  • our final Teacher vs. Student challenge
  • Top 10 memories of Grade Five


Ins and Outs class blog (Palmerston North, New Zealand)

Mme Marnie’s class blog (Berrigan Elementary School, Ottawa, Canada)


Skyping with Tom Angleberger [5:49]

On Thursday, May 24, 2012, Tom Angleberger Skyped our Grade 5 class. He’s the author of many books including The Strange Case of Origami Yoda, Darth Paper Strikes Back, The Secret of the Fortune Wookie and Fake Mustache. Thanks for visiting our class through Skype, we enjoyed learning how to fold an emergency origami Yoda and talking with you about writing.

Portable TV: Episode THREE [10:42]

In the third episode of Portable TV we have:
  • students saying the alphabet backwards
  • New Zealand and Texas, USA respond to our “We Challenge You!” Challenge
  • a report about a CBC radio reporter’s visit to our classroom
  • Jack Magic
  • our Greek myth plays