Season 6 P.O.V. #5 [1:56]

This week neurologist Dr. Kale recommended the National Hockey League ban fighting and intentional hits to the head to prevent brain injury.  Should fighting be banned in the NHL?

Thanks to CBC radio’s Ottawa Morning for airing this December 21!

Season 6 P.O.V. #4 [3:10]

Proposed portable design by Jarod.
This year our school has three portables. Two of them are used for classrooms and one of them for storage. My students came up with many suggestions for others uses for this portable.

Season 6 P.O.V. #3 [2:01]


The Royal Canadian Mint released a $100 000 coin last Friday. It weighs 10 kilograms and is 18 cm in diameter. That’s the size of a dessert plate! The students behind Portable Radio wondered what they would do if they had one of these coins.

Season 6 P.O.V. #2 [1:53]

Canada is going to host the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2015.  Should Ottawa be one of the six Canadian cities involved?  These are our opinions.Thanks to CBC radio’s Ottawa Morning for airing this on Tuesday, October 4.

Season 5 P.O.V. #8 [3:16]


This week the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – also known as Will and Kate – will be visiting Ottawa. While they will be busy visiting places like Parliament Hill, Rideau Hall and the War Museum, we’d like to suggest a few other places to visit – if they have any free time.
CBC Radio’s Ottawa Morning aired our podcast on June 27, 2011 and a second time on Canada Day, July 1! Congratulations to everyone involved!

Season 5 P.O.V. #7 [1:40]


The students who make Portable Radio made this in response to Elections Canada reporting that very few young people participated in the last federal election.The students you hear have all taken the “Future Voter’s Pledge”.  That is to say, they have promised to participate in elections when they are old enough.

We challenge anyone who isn’t old enough to vote to take the same pledge.  Just download the certificate and fill it out.  This will symbolize the promise you are making to yourself to participate in Canada’s democratic system.

Download “Future Voter’s Pledge”