Season 9 P.O.V. #4 [2:21]

birthday-cake-304440_640Last week, in England, a five year old boy named Alex was given a bill for about $30 because he didn’t go to another boy’s birthday party. He had already made plans to spend the day with his grandparents and couldn’t find the information to tell birthday hosts he wasn’t able to go.

Should Alex have to pay for missing the birthday party?

Season 9 P.O.V. #3 [1:38]

2121981806_ac49b4e994_bLast Friday, an official in the National Hockey League said they were probably going to allow advertising on players’ jerseys. Some experts think this could earn each team in the NHL at least four million dollars a year.

Should the NHL allow advertising on their player’s jerseys? Listen to our opinions.

Season 7 P.O.V. #3 [2:32]

Art by Annesha
The wild turkeys of Barrhaven have been on the news again.  These large birds have been creating small traffic jams and pestering people on their way to work.
What should be done about this problem?

Season 7 P.O.V. #1 [2:17]


Welcome back! This is our 7th year of Portable Radio.  This year the students involved are in Mr. Toft’s Grade 4/5 class in Berrigan Elementary School in Ottawa, Canada.

Here’s the first topic of the year:

Should kids wear lace up, Velcro, or slip-on shoes at school?