Season 7 P.O.V. #3 [2:32]

Art by Annesha
The wild turkeys of Barrhaven have been on the news again.  These large birds have been creating small traffic jams and pestering people on their way to work.
What should be done about this problem?

Portable TV: Episode 8 [22:53]

In episode 8 we have:
  • a report about our ski trips
  • a balloon powered zipline
  • 52 pick-up! 7 classes from around the world participated in our card challenge
  • Can You Do This: “Don’t Turn Your Head”
  • student animations
  • Word Up: “anthropomorphic”
  • a shout out to Mr. Walker’s class at Russley School in New Zealand
  • Teacher vs. Student challenge: Mohmad vs. Mr. Dunford

Our ancient and medieval plays

PictureThe Sword in the Stone

Adapted by Trent, Michael, Alif and Jason

Adapted by Malik, Steven and Kanchan

King Midas

Adapted by Kassey, Julie and Alejandro


Adapted by Gisele, Aashna and Julia

Daedalus and Icarus

Adapted by Becky, Naomi, Kahir and Omar

The Cyclops Cave

Adapted by Loren, Annesha, Hadi, D’Lontae

The Trojan Horse

Adapted by Mohmad, Ammar and Kaleb


Adapted by Scott, Annalisa and Ankush