Season 6 P.O.V. #3 [2:01]


The Royal Canadian Mint released a $100 000 coin last Friday. It weighs 10 kilograms and is 18 cm in diameter. That’s the size of a dessert plate! The students behind Portable Radio wondered what they would do if they had one of these coins.

Season 6 P.O.V. #2 [1:53]

Canada is going to host the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2015.  Should Ottawa be one of the six Canadian cities involved?  These are our opinions.Thanks to CBC radio’s Ottawa Morning for airing this on Tuesday, October 4.

Season 6 Episode 1 [12:05]


Portable Radio is back.  Mr. Toft finds it hard to believe this is Portable Radio’s 6th season.

This year’s “Portable Kids” were in Kindergarten when this podcast first started!

In this episode we have:

  • writing tips from students in Wexham,Wales,
  • Melanie and Eshum tell us about Cloud 9, a class in New Zealand.  We share some of the audio message we sent to their class,
  • Jarod and Sarah tell us about the Global Children’s Challenge,
  • Leila talks about lunches,
  • we do our best to read limericks Heron Primary’s blog.  Heron Primary is a class in England,
  • similes made by our class and kids in Barnsley, England,
  • and the “Don’t Say It Game”.

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Music used in this episode:

Our theme song is WW by Greenroom (Music Alley)

The following is from Purple Planet Royalty Free Music:

  • Girl on a Scooter
  • The Music Box
  • Masala Madness
  • Swaying Daisies
  • Funk City