Season 5 P.O.V. #7 [1:40]


The students who make Portable Radio made this in response to Elections Canada reporting that very few young people participated in the last federal election.The students you hear have all taken the “Future Voter’s Pledge”.  That is to say, they have promised to participate in elections when they are old enough.

We challenge anyone who isn’t old enough to vote to take the same pledge.  Just download the certificate and fill it out.  This will symbolize the promise you are making to yourself to participate in Canada’s democratic system.

Download “Future Voter’s Pledge”

Season 5 Episode 7 [14:13]

In this episode:

  • Mrs. Smith’s class make rain with their hands
  • Mr. Toft listens to his voice mail which is filled with messages from upset parents
  • Yahya and Naana convince Mr. Toft to let him bring their dangerous pets to school
  • Karen tells us about our trip to the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra.
  • Awo, Linh, Sehrish and Samantha share commercials for their new snacks and cereals
  • Control B, South March’s very own blues band, performs their song, “The S.M.P.S. Blues”


Our theme song is  WW by Greenroom (Music Alley)

The following came from Purple Planet Royalty Free Music:

  • Filet Mignon
  • Girl on a Scooter
  • Heavy Hitter
  • Mr. Jelly Goes to Town
  • Rickety Roadster