Season 5 Episode 5 [11:01]


Nick, Rahul, Abdulla, Owen, Philip, Shashaank, Isaiah, Awo, Maisie, Linh, Ayah, Elliott, Hamzah, Kollie, Michael, Shannon, Karen, Sarah and Sehrish share ideas on how to get an annoying sibling off the couch. James and a special guest tell us about Ursula Vernon’s book Dragonbreath.


Our theme song is  WW by Greenroom (Music Alley)

We used the following from
Funky Moment
Game Adventure
Hyper Groove
Funky Cub Hit

We used the following from Purple Planet Royalty Free Music:

Masala Madness
Above the Clouds
Mr. Jelly Goes to Town
Punching Bag
Rickety Roadster
Funk City

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