Season 5 Episode 3 [13:11]


Welcome to our December 2010 Portable Radio podcast.  This time we have:

  • Abinaya’s thoughts about Christmas
  • Michael’s explanation why summer is his favourite season
  • Recorder Karate performances by Abdulla, Ayah, Zoha, Awo, Naana
  • Public Service announcements for healthy eating by Philip, Samantha, Awo and Owen
  • James, Ivan , Isaiah and students from Mrs. Braidwood’s 6/7 class on Vancouver Island give their opinion about indoor recess
  • Kollie tells a story about NBA superstar Dwyane Wade
  • Yahya explains why he hates winter
  • Sandunya, Abinaya, Karen, Naana and students from Mrs. Braidwood’s 6/7 class on Vancouver Island give their opinions about snow pants.


The following were composed by Nathan Toft and are freely available at

  • White Out performed by Abdulla.
  • Sunny’s Yellow performed by Awo and Ayah.
  • Blue’s Smile performed by Naana.
  • Red Shoe 45 performed by Zoha.

The following are from

  • Action Hero
  • Everyone in the Club Clap
  • Long Time Ahead
  • The Sweetest of Dreams
  • Trace Underground

Our theme song is called WW by Greenroom (Music Alley)