Season 5 Episode 2 [16:45]

Our second show features pieces by both Mrs. Smith’s grade 5/6 class at South March P.S. and Mr. Toft’s grade 5/6 class at Berrigan E.S.

In this episode:

  • report about the Clocks in Mr. Toft’s class by Sandunya and Abinaya
  • Mann and Naseha interview Mrs. Smith
  • a summary of Humpty Dumpty by Abdullah
  • Elliott talks about the Bone Tall Tales book
  • tips about Halloween from Thomas and Nick
  • the importance of Saying thank you by Hamzah
  • Will and John debate the value of the penny
  • Karen tells us about her Poor Fish
  • Nabeha tells about the Character One from the book One
  • Linh and Maisie give us their version of Jack and Jill
  • Kyle shares the results of his ice cream survey
  • a debate about Skateboards versus RipStik between Yayha and Ivan
  • Samantha and Linda educate us about the Spirit Bears
  • Steven reviews the book Holes by Louis Sachar
  • Michael and Owen finish off our show with predictions about the World Cup.

Music used in this episode:

All music is used by permission

Season 5 P.O.V. #3 [2:32]


Should Silly Bandz be banned from school?

The grade 5/6 students at Berrigan Elementary School offer their opinions about this after learning the elastic bracelets have been banned in a school in Nova Scotia and another in Iowa.

Note: CBC radio’s Ottawa Morning played our POV on Tuesday, November 9.  Congratulations to everyone involved!

Season 5 P.O.V. #2 [2:33]

San Francisco has passed legislation that will prevent McDonalds from including a toy with its Happy Meals. The new regulation will only allow toys to be included in meals that contain less than 600 calories and 35% fat.

The grade 5/6 students at South March Public School offer their opinions about this regulation.