Season 5 Episode 1 [14:30]

Portable Radio episodes are back.  This year the show is brought to you by students in Mrs. Smith’s 5/6 class at South March Public School and Mr. Toft’s 5/6 class from Berrigan Elementary.  Both schools are located in Ottawa, Canada.

In this episode:

  • Asad and Armaan argue about goalies
  • James and Isaiah explain the Global Children’s Challenge
  • Steven and Tyler talk about mining
  • Awo, Kollie and Yahya compete in the “Don’t Say It!” game
  • Owen talks about his dog
  • R.J. and Tariq talk about a monster survey
  • Rahul gives his opinions of the Lightning Thief movie
  • Linh and Naana talk about the Vancouver Winter Olympics
  • Mrs. Smith’s class perform a rap in French
  • Karen and Shannon talk about doing the Cha Cha Slide for Sports Day in Canada
  • Sufi, Miikah and Nick talk about the upcoming Ottawa Senators season
  • Sehrish and Sarah discuss  A Series of Unfortunate Events

Music used in this episode

WW – Greenroom (Music Alley)

Music Box (Purple Planet Music)

Interloper (Kevin MacLeod)

JewelBeat Royalty Free Music – Funky Riff

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