Season 4 P.O.V. #8 [2:45]

Earth Hour is Saturday, March 27th from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm. This is a time when people are asked to think about how they can conserve the Earth’s natural resources and energy. Our class had a discussion about the value of Earth Hour.

Even Senators listen to Portable Radio!

I’m not talking about our NHL Ottawa Senators (although maybe they listen to us as well!)  but the senators who work on Parliament Hill.

I received the following email today:

Hi there Mr. Toft,

I thought that you and your students may like to know that Senator Elaine McCoy blogged about Portable Radio last week.

visit Senator Elaine McCoy’s blog

Thanks and look forward to hearing more!


Congratulations to all of the students involved.  We know we say this a lot but it is true: your opinion matters and people, including senators, are listening to what you have to say! makes top 8 in contest

This afternoon I got a call from someone who worked for the Canadian Internet Registration Authority. He told me how much they liked our video and that it made the top 8!

Congratulations everyone! Your hard work creating posters, recording audio, writing on blackboards and falling off of snow boulders paid off!

I hope everyone gets a chance to visit to see the other videos that were shortlisted.  They are all really good.  Ours is a part of a wide range of videos including a rock group , a news anchor who went to Haiti after the earthquake, and a business that paints bicycle bells.

With your parent’s permission, please vote. You will be asked to give an email address and phone number.  The C.I.R.A. promises not to send spam or bug your home with telemarketing.

If you know of any family members and friends who you think would vote for us, please ask them to visit  Just by voting, they will be entered in a draw to win a camcorder. Vote daily to increase your, and our, chances of winning.

Voting closes March 26, 2010.

Season 4 Episode 3 [12:33]

In this episode Elisabeth, Ryan and Keegan try their luck at the “Don’t Say It!” game, Evan explains how to dive off a cliff and Talia and Katherine tell us about Sens Skills.  Dillon, Alex and Cameron tell the Ancient Greek story of Odysseus and the Cyclops. Sydney, Kayla and Lauren perform their version of Echo and Narcissus. Calysta, Greg and Sheridan leave Mr. Toft a voice mail.

All Music and sound effects were either created by us or used with permission:

WW – Greenroom (Music Alley)
Heavy Hitter –
The Music Box (Theme) –
The Transcendence of the Ancient Ones – Joe Mejer (
Various Sound Effects – FTC Publishing

The ancient Greek plays were based on scripts available at

Why Portable Radio’s .CA rocks!

Here is the video we put together for the Canadian Internet Registration Authority’s Show Us Your .CA contest.  We created at least fifty posters.  The majority of the video was filmed and recorded the week of March 1, 2010.

The music used is called WW by a band called Greenroom.  It is used with a Creative Commons license and can be found at

The CBC logo, CBC Ottawa Morning and Kathleen Petty’s voice are all used with permission.  You can hear the entire Portable Radio Point of View about H1N1 here.

No children were hurt in creating or playing on their giant snow boulder!