Season 4 Episode 2 [12:30]

In this episode:
  • Egg protector speeches: Greg, Ryan, Calysta, Katie, Kayla, Sydney
  • Mont Cascades: Lauren
  • Rocks and Minerals: Caitlin
  • Don’t Say it! – game played by Katherine, Charlie and Maxim
  • How to play freeze tag: Dylan
  • Station IDs: Greg and Alex
  • How to play Man Hunt: Cameron
  • How I Moved my Little Brother off the Couch: Emily
  • How to move Devin’s Brother off the Couch:  Devin, Keegan
  • How to Move Talia’s Sister off the Couch: Talia
  • How to Get My Brother off the Laptop: Dillon
  • Ballad for a Green Alien: performed by Sheridan
  • Blue’s Smile: performed by Maggie

All music used in this episode is used with permission:

  • WW – Greenroom (Music Alley)
  • Dead Weight – Purple Planet Music
  • The Music Box – Purple Planet Music
  • Eggs – Trixie and the Merch Girls  (Music Alley)
  • Flashback – Roger Lemelin
  • Spanish Flair – Roger Lemelin
  • Mysterious Adventure – Roger Lemelin
  • Blue’s Smile – Nathan Toft (
  • Ballad for a Green Alien – Nathan Toft (

More Credits

Thanks to Mr. Toft’s 4 year old daughter and 7 year son for helping with the intro and outro.

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