Season 4 Episode 2 [12:30]

In this episode:
  • Egg protector speeches: Greg, Ryan, Calysta, Katie, Kayla, Sydney
  • Mont Cascades: Lauren
  • Rocks and Minerals: Caitlin
  • Don’t Say it! – game played by Katherine, Charlie and Maxim
  • How to play freeze tag: Dylan
  • Station IDs: Greg and Alex
  • How to play Man Hunt: Cameron
  • How I Moved my Little Brother off the Couch: Emily
  • How to move Devin’s Brother off the Couch:  Devin, Keegan
  • How to Move Talia’s Sister off the Couch: Talia
  • How to Get My Brother off the Laptop: Dillon
  • Ballad for a Green Alien: performed by Sheridan
  • Blue’s Smile: performed by Maggie

All music used in this episode is used with permission:

  • WW – Greenroom (Music Alley)
  • Dead Weight – Purple Planet Music
  • The Music Box – Purple Planet Music
  • Eggs – Trixie and the Merch Girls  (Music Alley)
  • Flashback – Roger Lemelin
  • Spanish Flair – Roger Lemelin
  • Mysterious Adventure – Roger Lemelin
  • Blue’s Smile – Nathan Toft (
  • Ballad for a Green Alien – Nathan Toft (

More Credits

Thanks to Mr. Toft’s 4 year old daughter and 7 year son for helping with the intro and outro.

“Our Most Demanding Audience”

“The children behind Portable Radio are a whole lot more articulate than I can remember being in elementary school. They quite obviously scripted their audio segments before they began recording. But it’s clear that they’re thinking in full paragraphs, not the sound bites that pass for business strategy or the monosyllables that substitute for political debate in adult circles.”

Mitchell Beer, CEO of The Conference Publishers.  Click here to read his entire post.

Mitchell Beer wrote this post after the latest Portable Radio P.O.V.was broadcast CBC radio’s Ottawa Morning last week.  Mrs. Smith’s students took on the topic of the Apple iPad that was just announced.

Congratulations to Mrs. Smith’s grade 5s for proving that kids do have a voice and people are listening.  You are making an impact!

Thank you, Mr. Beer, for taking the time to write about us.