Season 4 Episode 1 [11:50]

Portable Radio is even more “portable” this year. We have three classes involved in this project: Mrs. Smith’s Grade 5 class at South March Public School in Kanata, Mr. Toft’s Grade 5  and Mr. Baird’s 4/5 classes are both at A. Lorne Cassidy Elementary in Stittsville, Ontario. All three classes are part of the Ottawa Carleton District School Board.

Here’s what is on the show:

  • Maggie tells us why she wants a hamster
  • Abeer tells us about Eid
  • Sheridan shares an experiment
  • Maxim talks about soccer
  • Caitlin and Lauren talk about the life Tony Heart (a softball!)
  • Keegan tells us how to spend out spare time
  • Sydney talks about grasshoppers at recess
  • Mr. Baird’s grade 4s sing about the province of Canada
  • Caitlin performs White Out! on recorder
  • Mr. Toft’s grade 5s create a song using only their first names

Music used in this episode:

WW – Greenroom
White Out! – by Nathan Toft, performed by Caitlin
Sizzle – Lee Brooks

Season 4 P.O.V. #1 CBC


This is our first Point of View of the season. In this Point of View students from South March discuss our opinions about the Government’s plan to scrap the Portrait Museum Project.
Congratulations to Mrs.Smith’s class for getting their Portable Radio P.O.V. about the Portrait Gallery aired on CBC’s Ottawa Morning.