Portable Radio Wins Award

Nathan and Jane,

Congratulations!  Your podcast was selected for a Kidcast Award in the Editorial POV category!  I apologize for how long this contest has drug on, but we’ve finally wrapped it all up.  The judges were very impressed and complimentary of you and your students work.  I, for one, enjoy holding up your podcast as an example for teachers and students everywhere.  Thank you for engaging your students in this medium and helping them develop their sense of inquiry, argument, point of view, and communication.  You are giving them gifts that will anchor them solidly in their future.

Your trophy is on its way and should arrive soon!

Thank you again for you participation!  I wish you continued success with your show!

Dan Schmit
KidCast: Podcasting in the Classroom

Season 3 Episode 6 [13:55]

What you will hear:

  • Candy and Why We Shouldn’t Have it – Grace, Brittany, Shelby
  • Why We Do or Don’t Need Libraries – Mark, Spencer, Mitchell K., Andrew F.
  • Valentine’s Day – Emily, Olivia
  • How to Speak Korean – Jamie
  • Do We Need School – Jessica, Mohamud, Eric
  • Hockey Fights – 19, Sarah, Nolan, Mitchell H.
  • Bullies – Chelsea, Karine, Olivia, Savannah, Emily
  • Are Parents Too Strict? – Andrew E., Katie, Elliot, Mitchell

Music used in this episode:

  • WW – Greenroom
  • Music from FTC Publishing’s SoundPak

Portable Radio kids interviewed on CBC Radio! [5:39]


At about 8:20 this morning Portable Radio’s Adrianna, Sarah and Chelsea were interviewed by CBC Radio’s Ottawa Morning host Hallie Cotnam.  Ottawa Morning has asked them to interview Daniel Cook tomorrow and Hallie brought them into the studios to find out how the preparations for the interview are going.

Mr. Toft and Mrs. Smith were very proud of how the girls handled their interview and wish them the best of luck for tomorrow!

Ottawa Morning will air the interview with Daniel Cook on Tuesday, February 17.  We’ll let you know the exact time as soon as possible.