Season 3 Episode 4 [16:33]

Here’s what is in our fourth episode this season:

  • Another song composed by 5NT and 5/6JS
  • Would You Rather? by Grace and Brittany
  • Why Nature is Important by Karine and Chelsea
  • Turtles by Duncan
  • Teachers’ Favourite Subjects by Katie and Shelby
  • Sports by Mohamud and Spencer
  • I Am From Poetry by Nolan, Devyn, Emily, Mitchell K., Mark and Jessica
  • I Can’t Write a Poem poems by Savannah and Aiden
  • Sounds from the last few minutes of school before the start Christmas holidays

Music used in this episode:

  • WW – Greenroom
  • My New Beatbox by SampleConstruct
  • Hopscotch (Mix-B) by Orb Gettar
  • Phat n Sazz by The Dejunair Project

And the following by Kevin MacLeod:

  • Laconic Granny
  • Just Nasty
  • On the Passing of Time
  • Enter the Party
  • Flutey Funk

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