Season 3 Episode 5 [9:50]

What you will hear….

  • Joke time with Stefan and Isaiah
  • Christmas traditions with Taylor and Haley
  • Sun or Snow with Taylor and Maggie
  • More Christmas traditions with Madison, Megan, Maggie and Jamie

Music used in this episode:

  • WW – Greenroom

Season 3 Episode 4 [16:33]

Here’s what is in our fourth episode this season:

  • Another song composed by 5NT and 5/6JS
  • Would You Rather? by Grace and Brittany
  • Why Nature is Important by Karine and Chelsea
  • Turtles by Duncan
  • Teachers’ Favourite Subjects by Katie and Shelby
  • Sports by Mohamud and Spencer
  • I Am From Poetry by Nolan, Devyn, Emily, Mitchell K., Mark and Jessica
  • I Can’t Write a Poem poems by Savannah and Aiden
  • Sounds from the last few minutes of school before the start Christmas holidays

Music used in this episode:

  • WW – Greenroom
  • My New Beatbox by SampleConstruct
  • Hopscotch (Mix-B) by Orb Gettar
  • Phat n Sazz by The Dejunair Project

And the following by Kevin MacLeod:

  • Laconic Granny
  • Just Nasty
  • On the Passing of Time
  • Enter the Party
  • Flutey Funk

Portable Radio to be aired on CBC January 2, 2009

Nicolle Arams, a producer with CBC Radio, sent me the following message about our Point of View Episode about second chances:

thank you for doing this so well & so quickly.
It will fit into the show which will air between 6-8:30 on the morning of January 2.
I may break it into segments but am still in the editing process and not sure which way I’ll go with it.
But tell the kids to have a listen if they can on the 2nd of January, while their parents are probably still asleep!

Best to you and everyone at A. Lorne Cassidy Elementary School!!!!

Happy Holidays!

Season 3 P.O.V. #4 CBC [2:44]

Four students in Grade 5NT worked very hard to pull this off.  From 12:15 to 1:00 they worked together to write a script, rehearse and record their opinion on the jersey/sweater “debate”. Then, Mr. Toft mixed in the POV theme music and emailed Laurence Wall at CBC radio around 2:00.  By 4:35 pm our voices made it on air!

Congratulations and well done everyone!

Thanks to Mr. Wall for sending us an audio file and giving us permission to share how we sounded on All in a Day.

Season 3 P.O.V. #4 [1:20]

Yesterday, on CBC’s All in a Day, news producer Laurence Wall commented about seeing a sign that read “New Jersey, Same Passion”. The sign was referring to a new logo from Hockey Canada. He speculated that Canadian kids didn’t refer to this piece of hockey clothing as a “jersey” but as a “sweater”.  The students from Portable Radio put together this response.

Season 3 Episode 3 [15:45]

In this episode you will hear:

  • Josh teach Max and the rest of us how to do some skateboarding tricks.
  • Taylor and Mackenzie review the books Twilight and the Bee Keeper’s Apprentice.
  • Haley and Adrianna interview Mrs. MacKay about cross country running.
  • Kyle interviews Mr. Rick Cathcart, a glazier who works for the Ottawa Carleton District School Board.
  • Megan and Jamie tell us about our autobiography oral presentations.
  • Stefan, Jackson and Carter talk about this year in the NHL.
  • Madison and Caitlin give us some tips on school survival.

Music used in this episode:

  • WW – Greenroom (Podsafe Music Network)

Congratulations to the students who did the editing of their podcast segments.