Season 2 Episode 16 [14:25]

Episode 16 is all about our drum project. Amanda, Robyn, Ruben, McKenna, and Charles talk about how the frame and tube drums were made. They also interview drum builder/musician Leo Brooks.

You will also hear Leo teaching everyone how to play their drums.

Music used in this episode:

WW – Greenroom (Podsafe Music Network)

Season 2 P.O.V. #10 [3:30]

On the front page of the May 7th Ottawa Citizen, there was a picture and story about 24 Sussex Drive. The NCC wants to do a major renovation of the building. This would take about 15 months and cost about 9.7 million dollars. Should Stephen Harper move out and let the NCC begin the renovations.

Season 2 Episode 15 [12:05]

– Interview with Mauler from Hot 89.9 who came to judge our public speaking contest
– William and Tahmoor’s “Are You Smarter Than a Canadian Fifth Grader” with special guest contestant Mme Leeder
– Sport Tip: Bradley, Stefan and special guest Ryan share a hockey tip
– How to Play Soccer/Baseball

Music used in this episode:

WW – Greenroom (Podsafe Music Network)
Allright (dub) – Plastique de Reve
Salsa2Long – Kevin McLeod
DiscoA – Kevin McLeod

Portable Radio P.O.V. #9 [3:19]

Yesterday, police near Maniwaki,  Quebec, captured a lion cub named Boomer who had escaped from his babysitter. Our classes had a discussion about whether or not people should be keeping lions or other exotic animals as pets.