Season 2 Episode 10 [14:15]

Episode 10 was completed on yet another snow day.  Buses were cancelled due to snow and freezing rain – so we only had a handful of students. Even Mr. Toft didn’t make it in this time.

In this episode we have a report from Charles about a volleyball tournament at  our school. Lindsay and Allie bring us some sound about navigation from their Grade 6 field trip to the aviation museum We also have a couple of public service announcements about drugs and alcohol. Remi brings his second episode about rocks and minerals. Robin finds out what our classes think about the Ottawa Senators coach being fired. Listen for Tyrell playing Finger Eleven on electric guitar. Ryan and Taylor bring us a report about recess football. Finally, we have voice-mail from a Carleton University journalism student who is hoping to film a documentary about how we make podcasts.

All of the following music comes from the Podsafe Music Network:
WW – Greenroom
Spy Beats – Greenroom
Sizzle – Lee Brooks
Blues Garden – F11
Elegy 192
Screaming Chicken – Joboj

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