Season 2 Episode 12 [15:10]

In this episode you will hear some public service announcements about alcohol. Amanda and Robyn find out if grade 6s can figure out percentages and while Remi and James challenge our vice principal Mrs. Johnson to answer some riddles. MacKenzie and Rachel are back with the “Talk Show”. On this episode they feature McKenna and Kayla playing recorder. You will also hear Connor, Jake, Kyle and Donny talk about a hockey brawl at a Bantam hockey tournament and what Ruben and Donny think about school uniforms.

A special treat for us was to hear from Portable Radio listeners, Emma, Martha and Thomas who give us their feedback and some suggestions for future shows. They have even prepared a piece about how to get along with siblings which will be played on a future show.

Season 2 P.O.V. #7 [3:10]

CBC’s Ottawa Morning aired this P.O.V. on March 19, 2008.

This week 5/6JS and 5/6NT read an article about a cell phone company in Europe that is marketing its phones to 5 year old kids. We read the article and watched several news stories about the issue of when children are old enough to have their own cell phones. Listen to hear our opinions on the subject.

Here are our sources:

  • article about a cell phone for 5 year olds by Susan Merkle, M.D.
  • CBS (KTVA11) video about cell phones being allowed in middle schools
  • Kevin Leman’s, PhD, video about what ages is appropriate for children to have cell phone

Season 2 Episode 11 [14:50]

This episode has another Weird Zone by Kayla and Kaitlin, Madison and Adrianna tell us about some letters from Wales, Taylor and Isaiah share their predictions about who will make the playoffs in the National Hockey League and Haley talks about our recorder program. Also, Dylan talks about his latest favourite book, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”, Tristan, Amanda and Robyn discuss their plans for March Break, Isaiah and Stefan bring us a Public Service Announcement about the effects of alcohol, and students conduct an interview over Skype with Mr. Toft’s 5 year old son.

Music used in this episode:

WW – Greenroom (Podsafe Music Network)
Life has Teeth – 169 East 71st Street (Podsafe Music Network)
Floor Dancing – Liquid Cow (Podsafe Music Network)
Chorale – Nathan Toft
Bump and Run – Derek Audette
Creepy Egypt – Derek Audette

Season 2 P.O.V. #6 [3:30]

On these days when buses are cancelled, those of us hardy enough to come to school have been asking the question: Is it better to stay in town or go away during March break.

The students behind Portable Radio have some opinions about this question.

Season 2 Episode 10 [14:15]

Episode 10 was completed on yet another snow day.  Buses were cancelled due to snow and freezing rain – so we only had a handful of students. Even Mr. Toft didn’t make it in this time.

In this episode we have a report from Charles about a volleyball tournament at  our school. Lindsay and Allie bring us some sound about navigation from their Grade 6 field trip to the aviation museum We also have a couple of public service announcements about drugs and alcohol. Remi brings his second episode about rocks and minerals. Robin finds out what our classes think about the Ottawa Senators coach being fired. Listen for Tyrell playing Finger Eleven on electric guitar. Ryan and Taylor bring us a report about recess football. Finally, we have voice-mail from a Carleton University journalism student who is hoping to film a documentary about how we make podcasts.

All of the following music comes from the Podsafe Music Network:
WW – Greenroom
Spy Beats – Greenroom
Sizzle – Lee Brooks
Blues Garden – F11
Elegy 192
Screaming Chicken – Joboj