Season 2 Episode 9 [17:15]

In this episode you will learn about How to Make a Podcast, the A. Lorne Cassidy Performance Group, and a tragic accident in the maritimes. We have the second installment of the Bit Bit and Burple Detective Radio Drama and an informative play about Durango the King snake. “BAGE Blues” is performed on recorder by students in both 5/6JS and 5/6NT. You will also hear some of the comments and mail that we have received about previous episodes.

In health class we have been working on some Public Service Announcements about drug abuse. Over the next few episodes you will hear examples of this work.

Music used in this episode:

WW – Greenroom (Podsafe Music Network)
Hotcake Syrup – Derek K. Miller
Business Jive – Derek K. Miller
Welcome to the Show – Kevin McLeod

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