Season 2 Episode 7 [16:15]

We would like to wish all our listeners a happy and safe holiday season.

Mr. Toft and Mrs. Smith

In this episode you will hear our first Portable Radio episode of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader as produced by Tahmoor and William. Hear how Kyle, Isaiah and Jake celebrate Christmas. Taylor, Luka, and Connor share stories about their most embarrassing moments. You will also hear a Gibberish game that we play in drama.

When Mr. Toft had to stay home to take care of his son we experimented with Skype. As you will hear in this segment, it was almost as if he was in the classroom with us. We hope to use Skype in the future to interview other people around the world.

We received a voice mail from Benjamin which you will hear at the end of the show. As always we invite you to leave a comment here by clicking on the comment button. E mail addresses are not required.

Music used on the show:

WW – by Greenroom (Podsafe Music Network)
Jingle Jangle – by Larry Sayer (Podsafe Music Network)

“The World at Your Call” is a movie clip from the Prelinger Archives

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