Season 2 P.O.V. #2 [3:28]

Today we learned about Ottawa’s royal swans and an issue surrounding them. Queen Elizabeth II gave the swans to Ottawa as a present in 1967. It turns out that the swans’ winter shelter needs to be replaced and it would cost $430 000.

Take a listen to our Portable Radio Point of View. We are divided on this one!

CBC Radio’s Ottawa Morning (91.5FM) aired this segment on Tuesday, December 18, 2007. You hear CBC host Hallie Cotnam introducing us.

Here are our sources:

Here’s an excerpt from the Ottawa Citizen:

Budget leaves swans out in the cold
Councillors say no to funding construction of new winter home

Patrick Dare, The Ottawa Citizen
Published: Friday, December 14, 2007

Ottawa’s famous Royal Swans could soon find themselves without a winter home because the City of Ottawa doesn’t want to build one.

At a Dec. 12 budget meeting, council decided not to pay for a new swan home, which would cost $430,000. Councillors said the city can’t afford to be building things for swans. Council’s budget for the coming year brought in increases in bus fares, recreation user fees and a 4.9-per-cent increase in taxes.


As part of our research we watched a video of the swans from spring 2007. This let us see what their shelter looks like and learn a little bit about the royal swans.

We also visted the Ottawa Humane Society website and found out more information and their opinion on the swan shelter that is being used now.

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