Season 2 Episode 6 [12:05]

Episode 6 Season 2 includes Kayla and Fiona’s How To Show, Dylan and Luka’s instructions on how to play Fishy Fishy, Megan and Emma’s facts about bullying, Hadi and Robin’s holiday survey, and  Amanda shares a poem called “Who Am I?” by Sean Covey.

Also, Amanda and Allie have a shout out to the kids at R. Tait McKenzie Public School, Charlie describes his amazing basketball world and Haley and Kaitlin encourages students to participate in an upcoming ski trip.

Our students are continuing to take over control of the sound editing. The station IDs created by Leigh, Charlie, Kirstin, Jessie, Isaiah and Tahmoor. Robin, Hadi and Amanda edited their own segments (“Holiday Survey” and “Who Am I?”).

Mr. Toft and Mrs. Smith


WW – Greenroom (Podsafe Network)

Riptide – Kevin MacLeod

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