Season 2 Episode 5 [17:14]

We have a big and varied show for you this week. This episode includes two stories, one made with short and one made with long vowel sounds, sports news about the A. Lorne Cassidy 2007 soccer season, a Remembrance Day poem and an interview with Mrs. Johnson the vice principal at our school. In this episode we are also happy to introduce two new serialized dramas, “Time Travellers” and “BitBit and Burple”.

Mr. Toft and I have finally become comfortable enough to hand over some of the editing responsibilities for Portable Radio. All the announcements that remind you that you are listening to Portable Radio were recorded, edited and mixed (had sound effects or music added) by the students. In fact “Grade One Millionaire” is our first entirely student produced piece of work. We are very proud of how well the students have done.

We hope you enjoy the show,

Mr. Toft and Mrs. Smith

WW – Greenroom (Podsafe Network)

Digital Chemistry Fallen – RW Fowler (Podsafe Network)

Martian Cowboy – Kevin MacLeod

Down Home Rockin – Kevin MacLeod

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