Season 1 Episode 17 [12:10]

This episode includes information about Pablo Picasso, Part 2 of our mystery Meg and Mindy, interviews and information about the Learning Through the Arts program. We have two pieces of listener mail to share and a segment about DPA (Daily Physical Activity). Thanks to our guest announcers Scott and Evan.Music used in the segment on DPA was composed by Cameron Smith and is called C2. He created it using Sony’s Acid Xpress and has given us permission to use it.

WW – by Greenroom (Podsafe Music Network)
001-1 Acoustic Guitar by Pl@stic Soul (Podsafe Music Network)
Goblin Attack – by Two Star Symphony Orchestra (Podsafe Music Network)
The Little Bug That Thought He Could – Under Feather (Podsafe Music Network)
It Has That Kind of Effect – by Bob Savage (Podsafe Music Network)

Any other music used in this episode was created by Mr. Toft and Mrs. Smith using Sony’s Acid Xpress software.

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