Season 1 Episode 07 [14:45]

In this episode, you will hear about our Grade 4 field trip to the Bill Mason Centre, some commercials advertising our insulating devices, and paragraphs about doing chores. You will also hear four students perform the poem “High Wood” by Philip Johnston.

WW – by Greenroom (Podsafe Music Network)
The Dudes in the Car – by Vincent Van Go Go (Podsafe Music Network)
Cold Cloth and an Ice Pack – by Derek K. Miller (Podsafe Music Network)
Partita by J.S. Bach – by the Brunswick Duo (Podsafe Music Network)
Elegy for M – by Ash Verjee (Podsafe Music Network)

Any other music used in this episode was created by Mr. Toft and Mrs. Smith using Sony’s Acid Xpress software. 

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